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Lose Fats, Stay Beautiful

A big tummy or being overweight is both a health and fitness disaster. We will offer you the best solution and it will be up to you to decide to change how you look and feel. You are on the path to amazing natural weight loss.

Does it work? – who are some of your Weight loss clients?

Yes it does and it will work for you. It has worked for thousands around the world. But why not see some results from some of those who completed the program. I am my own client so I have the confidence to tell you it works.
my weight loss journey


In the last image above at the ocean, I was 78kgs now in the first image I weigh 60kgs and proud of my body. I was so proud of my weight loss journey that I decided to share with others including you.


Peris Weight loss journey


My sister had a long fight with weight. However after taking our C9 and Fit, she moved from 100 to 72kgs. She has never looked better. That’s what our weight loss products do for you.  She was the inspiration behind my trying out the product. 

See more photos from my clients below.



We have hundreds of other happy customers. You too could be one. Begin your weight loss program by purchasing the kit below.


The clean 9 fitness program (c9).

Many people have invested a lot of time and money on programs that don’t give them satisfying results. Might you be one of them? C9 combines 5 different natural products responsible for different tasks in your body.

How does C9 work?

1. Detoxification

Did you know that your body can not concentrate on burning fats until you get rid of the accumulated waste in the systems.

We get toxins from the food we eat, polluted air and even piped water.

A proper detox needs a natural product and that’s why we have ALOE VERA GEL which is 85% pure aloe to help cleanse your body.


2: Comfort

Forever Fiber

During the detoxification process, our friendly fiber, FOREVER FIBER, is another product that ensures your comfort by helping you avoid constipation, bloating and Diarrhoea. It introduces roughage that hold together the nutrients you receive as well as aid in the peristalysis process ensuring a comfortable ride

3: Boost Metabolism


Forever Therm

The key to flattening your tummy is to increase metabolism so that your body can easily get rid of excess body fats. FOREVER THERM is a multivitamin that will help you boost metabolism so that your body can convert the food into energy and not fats. Boosting metabolism will enable your body burn calories easily. You will also experience more energy levels.



4: Burn fats and control appetite & Cravings

Forever Garcinia Plus

Have you ever walked/passed a chicken and chips joint and felt like stepping in and order? Admit it cravings make people not to check what they love eating and poor eating habits majorly contributes to gaining belly fats and weight in general. FOREVER GARCINIA PLUS is a natural appetite suppressant. It will help you control your eating habits. Garcinia will also put your body in fat-burning mode so that you can burn those extra loads of fats around your tummy and body.



5: Build lean muscles

Forever Lite Ultra

Who wants to lose their tummy and weight then be left with an old looking sagging skin full of stretch marks? At least not you!!

Our C9 program has high quality readily available soy proteins in form of FOREVER LITE ULTRA


10 Benefits of using C9

  • Feel lighter
  • Experience more energy levels
  • Have less joint pains
  • Better hormonal balance.
  • Get improved sex drive.
  • Better sleep cycles
  • Improved memory
  • Experience less cravings
  • Perfect stress reliever


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    What’s in the box?

    1. 2x Aloe Vera Gel
    2. Fiber Sachets
    3. Garcinia Sachets
    4. Therm Sachets
    5. Ultra-lite with Aminotein Packet
    6. Tape Measure
    7. Measuring glass
    8. Shaker Bottle
    9. Guide booklet


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